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  Skin Checks

The most effective way to prevent long term health problems related to skin cancer is early detection. For the most part, when skin cancers of all types are detected early and removed proficiently there are few long term ramifications. Therefore it is very important to have regular checks of your skin performed by a general dermatologist or Mohs surgeon. 

A skin check is part of a routine cancer-related check-up where the skin is carefully examined for spots suspicious for skin cancer or pre-cancers. As part of this appointment, you may be asked how long a concerning spot has been present, if the spot has changed in size, and if you have experienced any symptoms such as pain or bleeding. If your dermatologist finds a skin cancer of particular concern he or she may refer you for Mohs surgery.

If you are concerned that you may have a skin cancer or have been diagnosed with a skin cancer in the past, you can contact our office for immediate evaluation. Routine "mole checks" are best performed by a general dermatologist. During your exam, Dr. DeBloom will inspect any suspicious spots. If there is concern that an area of skin might be cancerous, Dr. DeBloom may take a skin biopsy so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be explained to you.