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  Surgical Repairs General Information

Once the patient’s skin cancer has been completely removed there will be an area that requires healing and regeneration. This area is called a “defect” and can be thought of as the area in the skin that was once occupied by the skin cancer. The size of this defect depends solely on the size of your cancer. If a skin cancer’s growth is limited or superficial then only a small defect will remain. On the other hand, if your cancer has an extensive area of growth both on and under the skin then your defect may be large.

Depending on the size and location of the defect after cancer removal, a variety of treatment options may exist. These options include side-to-side stitching, flaps, grafts and healing with no stitches. The options that are best for your specific needs will be presented to you by Dr. DeBloom.

Once a surgical option for repairing the defect has been determined, the patient will be moved to our sterile procedure room where the stitch placement will be performed. Once the procedure has been completed all wound care instructions will be explained in detail to the patient and when appropriate, accompanying family members as well. Most stitching procedures require a one week post-operative visit in our office.